Tue 18 December, 2018

Open Source Containers in 2019

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Open-source containers are moving in a direction that many of us never anticipated. Long recognized as providing an effective way to package applications with all of their required components, some are also tackling one of the most challenging areas in the compute world today — high-performance comp..

Tue 18 December, 2018

Space data backbone gets U.S. approval

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Soon we may have a space-based optical backbone capable of transferring data 1.5 times faster than Earth-based terrestrial fiber, now that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has given LeoSat the go-ahead to start its build-out. Moving “large quantities of data quickly and securely around th..

Mon 17 December, 2018

New chip techniques are needed for the new computing workloads

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Over the next two to three years, we will see an explosion of new complex processors that not only do the general-purpose computing we commonly see today (scalar and vector/graphics processing), but also do a significant amount of matrix and spatial data analysis (e.g., augmented reality/virtual rea..

Mon 17 December, 2018

Working with tarballs on Linux

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The word “tarball” is often used to describe the type of file used to back up a select group of files and join them into a single file. The name comes from the .tar file extension and the tar command that is used to group together the files into a single file that is then sometimes compressed to mak..

Fri 14 December, 2018

What to expect from SD-WANs in 2019

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In network circles, there may be no hotter topic right now than software-defined WAN (SD-WAN). Given WAN technology stood still for the better part of three decades, this makes sense, as most companies have a WAN that’s long overdue for a refresh and architectural update — and SD-WANs make this a re..

Wed 12 December, 2018

BrandPost: Top Ten Reasons to Think Outside the Router #5: Manual CLI-based Configuration and Management

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We’re now more than half-way through our homage to the iconic David Letterman Top Ten List segment from his former Late Show, as Silver Peak counts down the Top Ten Reasons to Think Outside the Router. Click for the #6, #7, #8, #9 and #10 reasons to retire traditional branch routers. The #5 reason i..