Tue 23 October, 2018

IDG Contributor Network: Self-healing SD-WAN removes the drama of high-availability planning

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My humble beginningsBack in the early 2000s, I was the sole network engineer at a startup. By morning, my role included managing four floors and 22 European locations packed with different vendors and servers between three companies. In the evenings, I administered the largest enterprise streaming n..

Tue 23 October, 2018

Using nmap on your home network

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Nmap, the "network mapper," has long been used on corporate networks to collect information on desktop systems and servers. The tool provides information on the systems and services that are running (i.e., open ports). It can also help identify rogue systems and vulnerabilities. Nmap makes it easy t..

Tue 23 October, 2018

Is the IoT in space about to take off?

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Space may not be the final frontier for the Internet of Things, but evidence is mounting that it could be the technology’s next golden opportunity. While we’re still a ways away from the IoT in space becoming a commercially viable mainstream technology, a variety of companies are pushing the envelop..

Mon 22 October, 2018

How we selected 10 hot business continuity startups to watch

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The selection process for our business-continuity-startup roundup began with dozens of recommendations and nominations sent via HARO, LinkedIn, Twitter, and subscribers to the Startup50 email newsletter. This roundup, however, was challenging to flesh out because in the IT world, business continuity..

Mon 22 October, 2018

Red Hat underpins the growing importance of Linux and open source

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While you may not spend a lot of time thinking about this, the role Linux plays in the technology that we all use everyday is growing quite significantly. In an effort to more fully appreciate this, I had an opportunity to speak with the new vice resident and general manager of Red Hat's RHEL B..

Fri 19 October, 2018

Tech calendar 2018-19: Upcoming events of interest to IT pros

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Tech Events Event Description Starts Ends Location IT Roadmap This one-day event focused on powering the agile enterprise looks at the latest approaches to make IT more responsive, nimble, and robust. 2018-11-15 2018-11-15 Fort Worth, TXAWS re:Invent AWS Re:invent is Amazon's opportunit..