Wed 17 October, 2018

Wave energy to power undersea data centers

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Offshore, underwater data centers are going to be powered using wave motion, says a sustainable energy developer. And it's going to happen soon. Commercial wave energy company Ocean Energy says it’s almost completed a marine hydrokinetic wave generator build and that the 1.25 Megawatt power-pro..

Tue 16 October, 2018

Making better use of your Linux logs

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Linux systems maintain quite a collection of log files, many of which you are probably rarely tempted to view. Some of these log files are quite valuable, though, and options for exploring them might be more interesting and varied than you imagine. Let's look at some system logs and get a handl..

Tue 16 October, 2018

Gartner: Digital business projects in a quagmire? Hack your culture!

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ORLANDO – If you are a CIO or business leader an are having trouble moving forward on a new or existing digital business project, you should hack your current IT culture to get things moving. Digital business is accelerating, disrupting the way businesses and governments are doing business, said Mik..