Mon 15 October, 2018

This Platform Is Making Management of Apple Devices Easy

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Whether you’re just getting your small business off the ground or growing an already successful venture, onboarding and maintaining your employees’ tech gadgets are important steps. Unfortunately, IT can be expensive — and out of the question for many small businesses. Even if you can afford to purc..

Mon 15 October, 2018

Huawei targets Nvidia, Intel, Qualcomm with new AI chips

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Chinese smartphone giant Huawei Technologies Co. announced at its Huawei Connect 2018 show in Shanghai an update to its Ascend artificial intelligence (AI) chips with a new set of cloud services, software, tools, training, and framework. The company is putting itself in direct competition with the m..

Fri 12 October, 2018

Infrastructure life cycle costs: How ITAD and TPM can save you money

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I was recently reading some responses to a question posted on the Spiceworks community forum that asked, “How do you dispose of old hard drives?" While there were some typically humorous responses, such as use them as target practice, smash them with a hammer, or drill a hole through them, I assume ..

Fri 12 October, 2018

ICANN’s internet DNS security upgrade apparently goes off without a glitch

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So far, so good. That’s the report from Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) as it rolled out the first-ever changing of the cryptographic key that helps protect the internet’s address book – the Domain Name System (DNS) on Oct. 11. The change is central to ICANN’s project to ..

Thu 11 October, 2018

Radical shake-up proposed for the internet

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Changes may be in the cards for the internet. Primarily, the global information system that we know as the World Wide Web could be up for some radical blockchain-concept re-thinking. It could take us back in time, but in a good way, according to some experts. Mass decentralization, which includes th..

Thu 11 October, 2018

BrandPost: Goals and Key Features of 802.11ax

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As WLAN access point and device vendors work toward product launches at the end of 2018, we will publish a series of blogs covering all aspects of 802.11ax technology. This first one introduces the motivation and main features of 802.11ax. Download our 802.11ax technical white paper. How to Improve ..

Thu 11 October, 2018

Is there a white-box server in your data center’s future?

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The stagnant server market has heated up over the last few years, due in no small part to the advent of “white box” server vendors grabbing an increasing share of the cloud business. Enterprises have been reluctant to follow the lead of hyperscale data center vendors to off-brand server competitors,..