Thu 7 February, 2019

How much memory is installed and being used on your Linux systems?

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There are numerous ways to get information on the memory installed on Linux systems and view how much of that memory is being used. Some commands provide an overwhelming amount of detail, while others provide succinct, though not necessarily easy-to-digest, answers. In this post, we'll look at ..

Thu 7 February, 2019

Light-based computers to be 5,000 times faster

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Electrical currents are best created using semiconductor crystals that absorb light, say researchers who have announced a significant, potential computer-speed breakthrough. The team obtained ultrafast clock rates in the terahertz of frequencies, using light. That is significantly higher than existi..

Tue 5 February, 2019

The Linux command-line cheat sheet

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When coming up to speed as a Linux user, it helps to have a cheat sheet that can help introduce you to some of the more useful commands. In the tables below, you’ll find sets of commands with simple explanations and usage examples that might help you or Linux users you support become more productive..

Tue 5 February, 2019

BrandPost: 3 Ways 802.11ax Makes Wi-Fi Better

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Introduced in 1997, the IEEE 802.11 standard, more commonly known as Wi-Fi, has continually evolved to address the need of increased speeds in enterprise Wi-Fi networks. Of late, however, data rate and throughput have become table stakes in any high-density WLAN deployment. That's because there..

Tue 5 February, 2019

Why are IoT platforms so darn confusing?

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Lots of vendors are eager to sell enterprises an “IoT platform,” but it’s not always clear exactly what those “platforms” actually do, why you need one, and which one you should choose. As Hackernoon put it in April 2018: "We’re a cross-functional, fully integrated, full-stack, serverless, hardware..

Mon 4 February, 2019

BrandPost: Top 2019 SD-WAN Predictions

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For the past three years, SD-WAN has been one of the most talked about technology trends. All the discussion around SD-WAN has helped shine the spotlight on the business value enterprises can realize by changing the way they build their wide area networks. As the market continues to gain momentum co..

Mon 4 February, 2019

Intel promotes Swan to CEO, bumps off Itanium, and eyes Mellanox

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It was a busy week for Intel as it announced the promotion of CFO Bob Swan to CEO, ending a seven-month search, set a deadline for the life of its ill-fated Itanium processor, and is now reportedly in the running to buy Mellanox. I don’t think for a second these are unrelated. Swan is a money guy. E..

Fri 1 February, 2019

National pen test execution standard would improve network security

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As the number of cyber attacks increases, the demand for penetration tests – to determine the strength of a company’s defense – is also going up. People are worried about their companies’ networks and computer systems being hacked and data being stolen. Plus, many regulatory standards such PCI and H..