Tue 19 March, 2019

IDG Contributor Network: Software-defined perimeter: Identity-centric enforced network perimeter

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With the introduction of cloud, BYOD, IoT and virtual offices scattered around the globe, the traditional architectures not only hold us back in terms of productivity but also create security flaws that leave gaps for compromise. The network and security architectures that are commonly deployed toda..

Tue 19 March, 2019

BrandPost: Deploying highly secure, easy to deploy and cost-effective Micro Data Centers

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Industry trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and content distribution networks (CDNs) are driving the need for edge computing. That’s because these solutions often require low latency, high bandwidth, greater reliability, and strong security. It’s a tall order meant for Micro Data Centers (M..

Tue 19 March, 2019

DoE plans world’s fastest supercomputer

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The U.S. Department of Energy says it is working on a supercomputer that will break the target of exaFLOP computation – a quintillion (1018) floating-point computations per second – in order to handle high-performance computing and artificial intelligence. Being built in conjunction with Intel and C..

Tue 19 March, 2019

3 companies developing wearable tech for the enterprise

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Earlier this month, I wrote that “even as smartwatch shipments continue to grow, significant industrial and business use cases for these internet-connected devices have yet to appear.” And then a few days later, as if on cue, International Data Corporation (IDC) put out a press release about the lat..

Thu 14 March, 2019

How did Facebook go down despite multiple data centers?

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The Mercury retrograde kicked in big time on Wednesday as Facebook suffered an eight hour-outage that also affected Instagram and Facebook Messenger. No one was believed to be harmed; a few might have even had offline interactions with other human beings. Learn about backup and recovery: Backup vs..

Thu 14 March, 2019

BrandPost: Micro Data Centers Evolve to Fit New Business Requirements of Edge Computing

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Recent breakthroughs in technology have expanded the possibilities for where data is gathered, processed, stored and analyzed. IT staffs and their business counterparts now have the flexibility of deciding whether their applications are more efficient residing in the cloud, within a traditional data..

Wed 13 March, 2019

BrandPost: The First SD-WAN ‘App Store’

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The incredible power and automation offered by today’s more advanced SD-WAN platforms is transforming how enterprises are building and managing their networks. Operations that were once massive resource-intensive projects for network teams, have now been reduced to mere minutes of work. Need to chan..