Fri 8 February, 2019

Dell CTO talks modern data centers, the edge, and digital disruption

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Dell’s CTO has laid out the company’s vision of where enterprise technology is headed in 2019, and it’s not what people were predicting a few years ago. Gone is the talk of the demise of the data center. Instead, the data center is being repurposed, and some of its tasks are being moved to the edge,..

Fri 8 February, 2019

Software-defined connectivity planned for colocation data centers

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Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80 percent of enterprises will migrate entirely away from their on-premises data centers. Instead they’ll follow the current trend of moving workloads to colocation, hosting and the cloud, leading them to shut down their traditional data centers. I’m sure that colocati..

Tue 27 November, 2018

Data centers are set to grow and become more complex, survey finds

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Companies will invest more in data centers in the coming years, but it won’t necessarily be around compute. That's according to a new survey by AFCOM, the data center and IT management education company. This is AFCOM’s first study on the subject in two years, and it found that ownership, renov..